On Mon, 11 Dec 2000, Michael C . Wu wrote:

>I know I should not jump into this bikeshed.  But IMHO, whereever
>we have our packages install to, we should also place
>our ports metadata (/var/db/pkg) and the ports skeleton in the
>same place, preferably a mountpoint.  This allow me to switch
>between different sets of installation with ease.  (No, please
>do not tell me to change PREFIX and mv /usr/local /usr/local.bak)
>With this setup, I can rm -rf <whatever place this goes>, and
>have a clean system again.  For the ports developers, we can 
>switch between configurations without the need for chroots or
>jails taking up disk space.

I would agree strongly with this.  Something like:
                                db/ <-- /var/db/pkg, why is that in /var anyway?  it's
                                        not exactly temporary or transient information.
                                src/ <-- /usr/ports/*

This would make it easy for one to return his system to a pristine
state.  Simply removing /usr/pkg would get rid of all third-party
information.  It makes sense to package this entire directory together.
If one wanted a fresh system he could remove /usr/pkg, do a make world,
and tell mtree to remove anything not in the system mtree file.

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