Benno Rice wrote:
> > and are also missing support for the -aout/-elf
> > command line option, and this breaks building of kernels in a non-native
> > object format.  I think the correct fix is is to set OBJFORMAT before
> > running shell scripts that run binary utilities, not to clutter the
> > shell scripts with code to select the correct binarary utility.
> This doesn't fix my problem though.  The problem I'm facing is that the
> command 'nm' is hardcoded into both and, when I
> need to run 'powerpc-elf-nm'.  Even if we were to move that piece of config
> into OBJFORMAT, it'd still require some kind of magic in the scripts.

Having nm(1) hardcoded is not a problem if you can cross build. I assume
our toolchain has support for the powerpc and thus will build and
install nm(1) in the object tree. Yes, if cross building doesn't work
yet, we're forced to revert to hackery because we don't have sufficient
flexibility and all we basicly need is a prefix, right? (for example
"powerpc-elf-" or "ia64-unknown-linux-")

Marcel Moolenaar
  tel:  (408) 447-4222

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