On Fri, Dec 15, 2000 at 01:09:12AM -0800, Marcel Moolenaar wrote:
> Benno Rice wrote:
> > 
> > > genassym.sh and lorder.sh are also missing support for the -aout/-elf
> > > command line option, and this breaks building of kernels in a non-native
> > > object format.  I think the correct fix is is to set OBJFORMAT before
> > > running shell scripts that run binary utilities, not to clutter the
> > > shell scripts with code to select the correct binarary utility.
> > 
> > This doesn't fix my problem though.  The problem I'm facing is that the
> > command 'nm' is hardcoded into both genassym.sh and lorder.sh, when I
> > need to run 'powerpc-elf-nm'.  Even if we were to move that piece of config
> > into OBJFORMAT, it'd still require some kind of magic in the scripts.
> Having nm(1) hardcoded is not a problem if you can cross build. I assume
> our toolchain has support for the powerpc and thus will build and
> install nm(1) in the object tree. Yes, if cross building doesn't work
> yet, we're forced to revert to hackery because we don't have sufficient
> flexibility and all we basicly need is a prefix, right? (for example
> "powerpc-elf-" or "ia64-unknown-linux-")

AFAIK, there is no powerpc support in our toolchain yet.  It's on obrien's
todo list (and if it isn't, I'll put it there =)).  As to the use of a prefix,
I just thought it'd be easier to be able to completely override the name of
the binary we're using in the same way that I could do:

        setenv CC /usr/local/bin/ultra-funky-c-compiler-pro

and have it work.

Benno Rice

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