Poul-Henning Kamp wrote:
> This patch is for the printf(9), log(9) & /dev/console stuff.
> The result is that you can watch the output from /etc/rc in
> your /var/log/messages.

        This works spectacularly for me on a UP -current with up to date
sources. The only nit I have is that it doesn't understand lines that
don't end in a newline very well (such as echo -n, or a printf with no
\n), so it produces log output like this:

Dec 17 13:00:24 <console.info> Master /boot/kernel/kernel: /dev/da1s1a: 
Dec 17 13:00:24 <console.info> Master /boot/kernel/kernel: FILESYSTEM
Dec 17 13:00:24 <console.info> Master /boot/kernel/kernel: /dev/da1s1a: 
Dec 17 13:00:24 <console.info> Master /boot/kernel/kernel: clean, 42202
Dec 17 13:00:24 <console.info> Master /boot/kernel/kernel: (154 frags,
5256 blocks, 0.2% fragmentation)


Dec 17 13:00:26 <console.info> Master /boot/kernel/kernel: Doing
additional network setup:
Dec 17 13:00:26 <console.info> Master /boot/kernel/kernel: ntpdate
Dec 17 13:00:26 <console.info> Master /boot/kernel/kernel: ntpd
Dec 17 13:00:27 <console.info> Master /boot/kernel/kernel: portmap
Dec 17 13:00:27 <console.info> Master /boot/kernel/kernel: .

        Now, the first isn't a big deal, but the second is a little confusing.
Would there be any harm to changing the dots to something more
meaningful, like "Done with additional network setup" on its own line? I
seriously considered that when I was working on the echo's last night,
but I didn't want to be too revolutionary. :)

    "The most difficult thing in the world is to know how to do a thing
     to watch someone else do it wrong without comment."
                     -- Theodore H. White

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