Peter Jeremy wrote:
> On 2000-Dec-17 15:06:40 -0800, John Baldwin <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> >
> >On 17-Dec-00 Doug Barton wrote:
> >> Would there be any harm to changing the dots to something more
> >> meaningful, like "Done with additional network setup" on its own line?
> >
> >.
> Agreed.  I think the current display looks reasonable on the console.
> I'd prefer to fix the logging patch, rather than clutter up the
> display.

        ... Which is why I didn't bother changing it. I agree that, "The '.'s
are simple and not too cluttery," for someone that has looked at them
for years and knows what they mean. They have absolutely no meaning at
all to someone who is new to freebsd. I didn't really understand what
the different lines and characters signified till I started hacking on
rc*, and I'm of somewhat above average intelligence. 

        I will however withdraw my request to change it now, since when the
netbsd stuff gets imported things will look much different anyway. 

> >  Fixing the console to line buffer
> >what it sends to log(9) is a better fix, IMO.

        Personally I regard these as seperate issues. If someone wants to "fix"
the console logger to better respect input with no newline at the end,
that is also a desirable goal of course. 

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