> Now I'd like to figure out how to turn the damn fan up and down.  This
> machine is quiet under windows but sets the fan to high under FreeBSD
> and never turns it down.  The fan has three settings - 0V, 6V and
> 12V.  Under windows it stays between 0 and 6V.

Thermal management implementation is in our queue.  We'll create
policy manager for ACPI subsystems including thermal (Active, Passive
cooling etc.).  Of course any help would be welcome :-)

> I've tried "apm -h 1; apm -e 1;" hoping something would happen
> but it still doesn't slow down the fan.

Currently we don't have any means to control fan device (except for
the machine specific tools).

> If someone can sketch out a road map of what I should do I'll do the
> dirty work.  I don't know about ACPI etc and so would appreciate a
> kick start.  I've picked up the spec but haven't printed it out yet.

You could find `3.10 Thermal Management' for overview and
`12 THERMAL MANAGEMENT' for detail in ACPI 2.0 spec.  Also
`7.1 Declaring a Power Resource Object' and `10.6 Fan Device'
may help you.

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