I've installed current on a Vaio LX800 slimtop, configured ACPI and
can turn the thing on and off with the "power" button.  By the way,
the 4.2R to -current upgrade was painless.

Now I'd like to figure out how to turn the damn fan up and down.  This
machine is quiet under windows but sets the fan to high under FreeBSD
and never turns it down.  The fan has three settings - 0V, 6V and
12V.  Under windows it stays between 0 and 6V.

I've tried "apm -h 1; apm -e 1;" hoping something would happen
but it still doesn't slow down the fan.

If someone can sketch out a road map of what I should do I'll do the
dirty work.  I don't know about ACPI etc and so would appreciate a
kick start.  I've picked up the spec but haven't printed it out yet.


PS minimal Sony Vaio LX700/LX800 technical info is available on
the Italian Sony web site.

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