On Mon, 8 Jan 2001, Matthew Jacob wrote:

> Something wierd has been happening lately- the serial console on my i386
> machine works fine up until init is forked.. THen the output is mangled, and
> one gets replicated and/or mangled stuff. On a reboot I'm getthing things
> like:
> WWWWWaaaaaiiiiitttttiiiiinnnnnggggg     (((((mmmmmaaaaaxxxxx     6666600000
> ssssseeeeecccccooooonnnnndddddsssss)))))     fffffooooorrrrr
> sssssyyyyysssssttttteeeeemmmmm     ppppprrrrroooooccccceeeeessssssssss
> `````bbbbbuuuuufffffdddddaaaaaeeeeemmmmmooooonnnnn'''''     tttttooooo
> ssssstttttoooooppppp...............ssssstttttoooooppppppppppeeeeeddddd

This may be caused by inconsistent settings in /etc/rc.serial.
/etc/rc.serial should rarely be changed from its default of doing nothing.


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