> Matthew Jacob wrote:
> > 
> > Yeah, weird. I'm at 9600... What's wierd is that it's got to be some userland
> > induced thing because printouts from the kernel are fine until init is
> > invoked...
> This is an ongoing "Hmm, that is strange!" type problem.  There are several
> symptoms that I see at times:
> 1: console turns to garbage part way through /etc/rc and comes back to life
> when /etc/rc exits and getty starts
> 2: console *disappears* part way through /etc/rc and comes back to life
> when /etc/rc exits and getty starts
> 3: there is a burst of garbage after /etc/rc and before getty
> 4: the problem you describe I think I have seen a long time ago, once.
> 5: ^T and ^C and ^\ do not work ("not a controlling terminal") during
> the execution of /etc/rc.  There are several different ways this happens
> depending on whether you go via the single user shell or not.
> This happens on some machines semi regularly and occasionally on others and
> "never" (yet) on some others.  These are all serial consoles, and all
> machines are different.  SMP machines are far worse than UP, but my UP
> machines have this sort of thing occasionally too.
> > sio for alpha seems fine..... wahhh.....
> I am sure we can break it for compatability :-)

No doubt.

What I'm really curious about is whether I'm the only one seeing this
consistently- not the 1-3,5 above, but #4- where as soon as /sbin/init is
invoked, the serial console has this repeated output that makes it unusable,
period. I really don't want to debug this myself- I am *sooooooo* behind on
other FreeBSD issues that I need to spend what few FreeBSD cycles I have on


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