> > Again I'll offer to run any and all code or patches to -current you
> > guys can come up with, but I simply dont have the time to sit down
> > and analyze into details what you have been doing...
> The enclosed patch implements a virtual NMI pushbutton by programming
> the IOAPIC to deliver an NMI when sio1 generates an interrupt.
> DDB should be defined in the kernel config file.
> getty should not run on ttyd1 when this patch is applied.
> A serial console on sio0 is recommended.
> If you still cannot break into the kernel debugger when the machine
> locks up then a rogue device is probably blocking the system
> (or the debugger is trying to obtain a mutex held by somebody else)
> - Tor Egge

What are the instructions for using this?
should something have sio1 open?
can a paperclip be used to generat the interupt by connecting pins 2 and 3?

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