> cool.
> What are the instructions for using this?
> should something have sio1 open?

I use conserver

conserver       conserver host    null-modem serial cables   test machine

test            port AA   -------------------------   sio0   serial console
testnmi         port BB   -------------------------   sio1   NMI

I start two conserver sessions, one using test (for the console
access) and one using port testnmi (for NMI).

When I need an NMI, I just press return or space in the session using
port BB.

This only works when the test machine runs an SMP kernel with DDB and
the virtual NMI pushbutton patch.

No programs on the test machine should open sio1, since that could
cause interrupts (which are now NMIs).

> can a paperclip be used to generat the interupt by connecting pins 2 and 3?

I haven't tried that.

- Tor Egge

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