On Sun, 21 Jan 2001, John Baldwin wrote:

> On 22-Jan-01 Donald J . Maddox wrote:
> > Ok, fair enough.  I have to confess that my usual procedure remains,
> > as it has been for a long time, like this:
> > 
> > 1) rm -r /usr/include; cd /usr/src; make includes
> I just do 'make includes' w/o the rm of /usr/include when I do this..

I never do this.  `includes' is a private target in Makefile.inc1.
Running it at any time except as part of buildworld or installworld
may give an inconsistent set of includes.

> 1) make buildworld
> 2) make installworld
> 3) config FOO
> 4) compile kernel FOO
> 5) install kernel FOO
> 6) update /etc
> 7) reboot
> 1-5 are all in 2 scripts, and part of 6) is in a script.

For building kernels, I normally skip steps 1-2 (update config if
necessary) and 6 (even more rarely necessary), and I never use
the kernel install rules since they blow away backups and set
inconvenient schg flags.

> 2) It hides the output from config(8).  config(8) prints out all sorts of
> useful warnings when options are deprecated, etc., but buildkernel hides these
> from the user.  The problem is that config(8) is by design an interactive tool,
> which buildkernel fails to take into account.  The hack now is to have
> config(8) treat warnings as errors instead. :-/

Doesn't this break things?  The current warnings for LINT are:

WARNING: Old ISA driver compatability shims present.
WARNING: COMPAT_SVR4 is broken and usage is, until fixed, not recommended


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