Jason Evans wrote:
> On Sat, Jan 27, 2001 at 12:33:23AM -0800, Root Dude wrote:
> >
> > Here's a first step.
> This is very disappointing, Julian.  You've duplicated work that I've
> already done, and if you've been paying attention at all, you know that it
> was already done.  Even if you haven't been paying attention, I find it
> particularly telling that you never even sent me email about this.

I didn't even know I was going to do it, How could I let you 
know I was going to :-)
... it only took 5 hours while sitting
in economy class.. you couldn't tell, but I sent it 
from the passenger lounge at singapore airport.

> This is the single most flagrant lack of cooperation I have experienced
> while working with the FreeBSD Project.  I'm truly dumbfounded.

It's not a lack of co-operation.. it's a lack of communication. I didn't
see an any lists that anyone was doing this yet and thought I'd get 
the ball rolling to promote discussion.. I'm dumfounded to discover that you've 
done work here already as I thought I'd have heard of it.  I'm sad you
take it as an insult. All I want is to start discussion, and I was doing
it as a way of clarifying my thoughts as to what wqas needed.

> Jason

 Jason,. how would I know you have done this? As the person who was leading the 
discussion on arch, I assumed that if anyone did it they would mention it 
at least and that I would hear about it.. I assumed that 
since no-one mentionned anything about it, that they were waiting until
the SMP locking was a litlle more settled before starting.
I've been paying attention in smp, arch  and current, and seen no mention of it,
and I sent an email on this 3 months ago that no-one really responded to..
Is there another list I should be on that I don't know about?

And anyhow, It only took about 5 hours on a plane.. I was amazed at how 
little work it was and how quick it was.. I was doing it only as a thought 
exercise but to my amazement it actually worked !!

If you've already done this, then 'great' but you could have answered 
my previous email asking if anyone was doing it yet..

You can hardly say that you didn't know I was interested in it....

(BTW The comments I made on your doc still stand, though I noticed the last I 
looked that the doc had'nt changed..)

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