On 2001-Jan-27 00:33:23 -0800, Root Dude <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
>I've broken the proc structure into 4 structures.

Leaving aside the issue of whether or your efforts were a waste of time,
I have some comments on the ordering of fields.  Since the fields are
being re-arranged anyway, I'd like to suggest that the implementation
characteristics be taken into account.  I'm mainly thinking of padding
between fields here.

A second, far less important issue is the interaction between field
order and code size on the IA32.  Given that most structure references
are base+offset, there's an extra 3-byte overhead in accessing fields
more than 127 bytes from the pointer - there's no direct speed penalty
except on the 80386, but there is an indirect penalty for larger code
(ie bigger cache footprint).  This suggests that fields with a high
static reference count should be towards the front of structures.


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