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| > What are the 'new' corresponding structures and calls for simple_lock ?
| Mutexes should be used in places where simplelocks were used.  With few
| exceptions, sleep mutexes should be used (even though simplelocks were spin
| locks).  See mutex(9) for details.  Be forewarned that there is work in
| progress to clean up the mutex API that will probably be checked in within
| a week.  Transitioning from the current mutex API to the upcoming one will
| be trivial, but it will have to be done if you convert to mutexes in the
| next few days.

I can wait a week to fix the code, I guess I should send it back to VA
to see if they'll actually include it in the base XFree Release. Someone
else is already working on a Glide3 port, so X would be looking pretty useful
for Voodoo3 owners d8)

Too bad I need those locks, the pulsar hack that comes with xscreensaver
normally runs around 50fps (or 0.5 fps w/o drm) -- I get way over 200fps 
with all the locks disabled d8) Of course if I suspend it while its running 
the machine freezes... I can live with that for a while anwyay.

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