On  1 Feb, Andrew Kenneth Milton wrote:

> Things that want glide look in only /usr/include/glide3
> and /usr/lib (I suspect linuxism). For the pain it was causing it wasn't 
> worth fretting over the location of a few files and a directory.... If I was 
> making a port I'd probably make the effort to put things in their 'proper' 
> place.

Shouldn't the compiler find them if you add -I/usr/local/include and

> | I tried to get the rpms from 3dfx.com, but it
> |  - didn't resolves linux.3dfx.com
> |  - isn't possible to get a response from ftp1.3dfx.com
> | from here.
> 3dfx.sourceforge.net is where they live now I believe...

No, it's glide.sourceforge.net, but they didn't have downloadable files.
Yes, I know how to use CVS (and cvs -z9) and I tried to compile it out
of CVS a year ago, but I want to download a known good archive.


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