> Problem: I can't do anything at db> prompt? Backtrace is doing nothing except
> triggering a new register dump (another fault I assume).

New kernel, new panic, new info:

db> witness_list
        "Giant" (0xc0279be0) locked at ../../i386/isa/ithread.c:191
db> show registers
cs              0x8
ds              0x10
es              0x10
fs              0x18
ss              0x10
eax             0xdeadc0de
ecx             0xc59eb4b4
edx             0xc0279be0  Giant
ebx             0xc0a7a480  _end+0x36f8
esp             0xc65faf68
ebp             0xc65faf78
esi             0xc0a7a4e0  _end+0x3758
edi             0xc01fc998  ithd_loop
eax             0xdeadc0de
efl             0x10282

Besides the obvious need to fix this one problem, shouldn't we
ASSERT ih->ih_handler != NULL before calling it?


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