On Mon, Feb 05, 2001 at 08:46:42PM -0800, John Baldwin wrote:
> On 06-Feb-01 Andrea Campi wrote:
> > Sorry to bother everybody, but did anybody note from my panic trace,
> > that instruction pointer is 0xdeadc0de? Isn't that bad? :-p
> That means it is free'd memory.  One cause might be something that is free'ing
> its interrupt handler w/o releasing it properly.  Alternatively, it might be a

Ok, can't help with the rest of your answer, but I'd like to help debug if the
issue is here.

Problem: I can't do anything at db> prompt? Backtrace is doing nothing except
triggering a new register dump (another fault I assume).

Anyway, I'm using:

device          card
device          pcic
device          ep

I started looking around in src/sys/dev/{ep,pccard,pcic}/* for recent changes
that could have caused it, but I soon got lost... :(

What should I try? I can go back to an earlier kernel (via cvs & compile, sadly
I don't have any old working kernel anymore), but I'd have to first understand
how far back I can go without getting out of sync between kernel & world...
Meanwhile, I'll try the latest kernel, and also cardbus to see if the results
are different in any way...


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