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> > > Looks awesome, someone complained that Linux was able to maintain
> > > an order of magnitude more SSL connections than FreeBSD, since you
> > > say this gives us a 3-5x speed up, I'd really like to see it committed
> > > and ported to -stable ASAP.
> > 
> > Yep! Just want to give a few days for people to comment on the
> > MACHINE_CPU thing.
> > 
> > > Is it possible to have multiple ASM cores and use the appropriate
> > > routines?  Or must it all be choosen at compile time?
> > 
> > It's done at compile-time.
> bah, lame. :(
> How is the worst asm code vs the best C code again?

OpenSSL includes 386 and 586 asm for the following: bf, bn (number
libraries), cast, des, md5, rc4, rc5, ripemd, sha1.

and 686 asm for bf only (DES is broken)

In fact there's not a lot of difference between (what are claimed to
be) the i386 versions and the i586 versions (they're generated from
the same source by a preprocessor, and in fact are identical for
some/most files) - this probably means they are not very optimal.

I was also wrong about the speed improvements (they're not quite so
high, only around 2x) - perhaps my baseline benchmark was sharing the
CPU with something else giving it a 2x slowdown.  So I'm not sure
where the 3-5x speed up comes from - either it's another rumour (you
didn't hear it from Peter again, did you? :) or the cause is
elsewhere.  What we build now should be exactly in line with what
openssl does itself.

These measurements were done on my PPro 233, and no attempt at sample
averaging was performed :-)


[C code]

type              8 bytes     64 bytes    256 bytes   1024 bytes   8192 bytes
md2                159.52k      437.09k      590.38k      647.48k      653.41k
mdc2               405.46k      440.38k      439.93k      442.00k      442.93k
md4               2415.06k    12806.00k    24615.33k    32313.88k    35873.96k
md5               1888.65k     9092.61k    16840.50k    20897.62k    22739.51k
hmac(md5)          741.81k     4722.98k    11755.58k    18427.53k    22120.47k
sha1              1319.27k     3052.54k     6990.83k    10423.14k    11986.67k
rmd160             846.12k     3629.76k     6249.11k     7644.14k     8178.40k
rc4              13176.13k    17308.64k    18127.45k    18709.00k    18527.01k
des cbc           2589.75k     2911.96k     2918.99k     2930.14k     2961.85k
des ede3           719.78k      751.80k      758.33k      758.61k      761.84k
idea cbc             0.00         0.00         0.00         0.00         0.00
rc2 cbc           1476.49k     1540.60k     1551.96k     1547.98k     1571.13k
rc5-32/12 cbc     6533.14k     8820.63k     9144.01k     9159.59k     9189.25k
blowfish cbc      3921.72k     4490.54k     4551.53k     4567.12k     4582.91k
cast cbc          3725.39k     4496.47k     4425.20k     4432.26k     4461.36k

                  sign    verify    sign/s verify/s
rsa  512 bits   0.0106s   0.0011s     94.5    951.4
rsa 1024 bits   0.0620s   0.0034s     16.1    296.7
rsa 2048 bits   0.3963s   0.0112s      2.5     89.4
rsa 4096 bits   2.6106s   0.0389s      0.4     25.7
                  sign    verify    sign/s verify/s
dsa  512 bits   0.0109s   0.0134s     91.5     74.6
dsa 1024 bits   0.0342s   0.0406s     29.3     24.6


type              8 bytes     64 bytes    256 bytes   1024 bytes   8192 bytes
md5               2525.24k    13682.82k    26954.24k    34031.00k    38153.23k
hmac(md5)          952.04k     6381.75k    17338.03k    29527.15k    37320.02k
sha1              1621.91k     6960.45k    11626.82k    13810.67k    14685.97k
rmd160            1238.63k     5838.79k    10350.12k    12930.47k    13941.05k
rc4              18170.79k    24351.64k    25941.40k    26300.99k    26613.25k
des cbc           4743.99k     5342.60k     5377.98k     5406.58k     5379.56k
des ede3          1809.64k     1903.68k     1908.81k     1921.80k     1928.79k
rc5-32/12 cbc    11934.06k    15701.79k    16004.71k    16014.24k    16569.98k
blowfish cbc      5885.08k     6493.90k     6553.44k     6575.91k     6569.06k
cast cbc          5889.94k     6558.54k     6578.21k     6627.23k     6571.16k
                  sign    verify    sign/s verify/s
rsa  512 bits   0.0057s   0.0005s    174.2   1822.0
rsa 1024 bits   0.0299s   0.0016s     33.4    641.4
rsa 2048 bits   0.1757s   0.0052s      5.7    193.5
rsa 4096 bits   1.1865s   0.0179s      0.8     55.8
                  sign    verify    sign/s verify/s
dsa  512 bits   0.0057s   0.0068s    176.4    146.8
dsa 1024 bits   0.0157s   0.0185s     63.8     54.1
dsa 2048 bits   0.0503s   0.0621s     19.9     16.1


type              8 bytes     64 bytes    256 bytes   1024 bytes   8192 bytes
md5               2588.19k    13504.14k    26623.31k    35248.59k    38189.04k
hmac(md5)          946.51k     6358.38k    17134.34k    29501.74k    37456.10k
sha1              1616.66k     7562.68k    13581.01k    16957.68k    18224.95k
rmd160            1265.14k     5918.43k    10375.20k    12866.01k    13842.36k
rc4              18405.78k    24232.61k    25611.99k    25964.78k    26504.73k
des cbc           4800.96k     5321.68k     5351.02k     5421.37k     5358.96k
des ede3          1829.59k     1903.18k     1915.56k     1914.43k     1907.37k
rc5-32/12 cbc    11815.49k    15352.52k    15709.59k    16072.66k    16316.64k
blowfish cbc      7099.84k     8148.80k     8255.26k     8310.07k     8332.21k
cast cbc          6991.88k     8031.58k     8116.97k     8118.18k     8196.42k
                  sign    verify    sign/s verify/s
rsa  512 bits   0.0057s   0.0006s    175.6   1814.9
rsa 1024 bits   0.0296s   0.0016s     33.8    643.1
rsa 2048 bits   0.1749s   0.0052s      5.7    193.8
rsa 4096 bits   1.1860s   0.0179s      0.8     55.7
                  sign    verify    sign/s verify/s
dsa  512 bits   0.0057s   0.0069s    176.8    145.9
dsa 1024 bits   0.0157s   0.0188s     63.9     53.3
dsa 2048 bits   0.0503s   0.0624s     19.9     16.0


blowfish cbc      7449.80k     8656.35k     8900.01k     8913.19k     8932.08k


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