Jim Bloom <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:
>I do plenty of build once and run on multiple machines.  My biggest
>machine is a PII 40MHZ where I compile the world and kernels for a 486
>laptop and P-60 Router/Firewall.  I would not really want to compile the
>world on these slower machines over nfs.

        We also have a number of different machines for which we use a
single kernel/userland compile, ranging from old K6's and PII's (and
perhaps a few Pentium MMX's) to recent PIII's.  There are large numbers of
these machines, and no way to reasonably make variant kernels for them
all.  I'm sure other people running large numbers of servers accumulated
over time have a similar problem (Yahoo?)  So I'd add one vote for making
to easy (or at least not hard) to include multiple architecture
optimizations in one kernel/userland release, ala Solaris.

Randell Jesup, Worldgate Communications, ex-Scala, ex-Amiga OS team ('88-94)

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