I do plenty of build once and run on multiple machines.  My biggest machine is a
PII 40MHZ where I compile the world and kernels for a 486 laptop and P-60
Router/Firewall.  I would not really want to compile the world on these slower
machines over nfs.

For my case, I guess I could rebuild only the ssl library for each machine
properly tuned.  For my small collection of machines, that wouldn't be too bad,
but for larger sites it would be a problem.  I could probably find some way to
compile multiple version with buildworld and figure out the correct one to
install with installworld.

Jim Bloom

Peter Jeremy wrote:
> IMHO, the main market for this feature would be people who just do
> binary installs - if you're doing a buildworld, you can tune to your
> hardware[1].  If we wanted to just speed up OpenSSL on binary
> installs, we could have processor-optimised variants of libssl.*
> available as packages (tick the box that suits your processor if you
> want the optimised library).
> [1] I don't think there's a lot of `build once, install on lots of
>     different hardware', though I could be wrong.

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