Hmm, just some thoughts here:

I modified mergemaster so he add's to every file he touches or
installs this md5 checksum. When mergemaster reads a file and
compares it, it extracts the md5 checksum form the file (if it
exists) and looks if the file has been changed or not. If a new
file get's installed, the md5 checksum of that file is written.

For the first time you update you have the same way to go as usual.
but the second time, you will be only asked for the files which
have been modified. Even if 90% of the config files have new
$ID's and are a lot different.

If it is possible to add these checksums also in sysinstall when
extracting the first time you install, nothing has to be done
with commit scripts and also the first time you run mergemaster,
you can run it a lot more faster than now.


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On Tue, 13 Mar 2001, Jordan Hubbard wrote:

> Hmmm, this is nice!  I've wanted this option for a long time. :)
> - Jordan

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