|>  Garrett Wollman <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

> Not true.  The `rune' API was developed by the Plan 9 people by
> intention to be different from (in their view, superior to) the ISO C
> multibyte/wide character API.

But not widely adopted.  ISO C is well-maintained so that
it's now superior to rune, I think.
Sorry I'm not sure but rune API is slightly different
between 4.4BSD and Plan9, isn't it?  It's not a standard.

Sources of the standard commands are often used as a living
textbook to other programmers.  They should be as `good' as
possible, and in my opinion `good' includes `standard-complient'.

> Note the mailing-lists named in the headers of this message.

I know that.  Just FYI.  Of course it's nonsence if you
think we should go our own alone way.

Minoura Makoto <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>

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