On Tuesday, 20th March 2001, Ulf Zimmermann wrote:

>On Mon, Mar 19, 2001 at 04:53:33PM -0800, John Baldwin wrote:
>> On 20-Mar-01 Michael C . Wu wrote:
>> > For all connections greater than 9600baud modems, we recommend
>> > using CVSup to get src-all and ports-all updated. At the worst case, 
>> > be able to CVSup a ports-all collection within an hour, with heavy
>> > packet loss and low bandwidth.
>> > 
>> > i.e. CTM sucks, don't use it. :)

On the contrary, I prefer CTM over CVSup, even on a fast connection (which
I don't currently have).  On a slow or intermittent connection, CTM beats
CVSup by a large margin.

>> cvsup is not available via e-mail for those who may only have e-mail access
>> for one reason or another.

Firewalls make CTM style delivery essential.  (No, Stefan, I don't like
your tunneling idea. :-)

>I have been hosting the machine which ran ctm,

And many thanks indeed for your service!

>unfortunatly my provider
>cut me off and I just got some access back, but not for the location
>the ctm machine is located at.
>At this time I do not know yet when it will have access again.

Surely FreeBSD Inc (or whatever it is that owns the freebsd.org machines)
could spring for a box.  Assuming Ulf is still keen, it shouldn't be too
hard for him to remote administer it.


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