On Wed, 21 Mar 2001, Stephen McKay wrote:

> On Tuesday, 20th March 2001, Ulf Zimmermann wrote:
> >On Mon, Mar 19, 2001 at 04:53:33PM -0800, John Baldwin wrote:
> >> 
> >> On 20-Mar-01 Michael C . Wu wrote:
> >> > For all connections greater than 9600baud modems, we recommend
> >> > using CVSup to get src-all and ports-all updated. At the worst case, 
> >> > be able to CVSup a ports-all collection within an hour, with heavy
> >> > packet loss and low bandwidth.
> >> > 
> >> > i.e. CTM sucks, don't use it. :)
> On the contrary, I prefer CTM over CVSup, even on a fast connection (which
> I don't currently have).  On a slow or intermittent connection, CTM beats
> CVSup by a large margin.

I'm not sure about that.  CTM may be faster, but it works less
automatically, especially when it breaks, and it breaks often, at both
the server and client levels (mainly downtime problems for the server
and disk-full problems for the client.  I used to use it until the
server broke one time too many last year.


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