On Wed, 21 Mar 2001, Stephen McKay wrote:

> >unfortunatly my provider
> >cut me off and I just got some access back, but not for the location
> >the ctm machine is located at.
> >
> >At this time I do not know yet when it will have access again.
> Surely FreeBSD Inc (or whatever it is that owns the freebsd.org machines)
> could spring for a box.  Assuming Ulf is still keen, it shouldn't be too
> hard for him to remote administer it.

I've already announced this on the ctm-announce list, but in case some
aren't subscribed, a new host has been located for ctm, and I expect it
won't take too long to get it back up, hopefully by this weekend sometime.

If Ulf's reading this, giving me a change to recover some files from the
old host would be appreciated, if it's possible.  I've mailed Ulf
separately twice, but gotten no response.

If the files just aren't any longer available, I will have to make do, it
would make at least one item easier, is all.

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