> That's a bit ugly.
> > xl0: <3Com 3c575C Fast Etherlink XL> port 0x3000-0x307f mem
> > 0x44020000-0x4403ffff,0x44002480-0x440024ff,0x44002400-0x4400247f irq 10 at
> > device 0.0 on cardbus1
> > xl0: chip is in D6 power mode -- setting to D0
> I'm a bit worried about this; "D6" doesn't really exist, so it's possible 
> that something is going wrong here.
> Bill; you might have some better  ideas than I do.  Suggestions?

My suggestion? Chop out the power management stuff in xl_attach()
and see what happens. The xl driver is using the pci_get_powerstate()
and pci_set_powerstate() routines right now in order to check for PCI
NICs that have been forced into the D3 state by Windoze during shutdown.
However, those functions are internal to the PCI bus code, and I'm not
sure what will happen when you try to use them with devices that are
children of a cardbus bus.

So, edit /sys/pci/if_xl.c, find the xl_attach() function, and comment
out/#ifdef out/delete the section that checks the power state of the card.
Like Mike says, the D6 state is bogus.

Unfortunately, I can't test this myself at the moment since I find myself
without a laptop. I might be able to coerce^Wconvince John Baldwin to
let me test this with his though.


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