On 23-Mar-01 Bill Paul wrote:
>> That's a bit ugly.
>> > xl0: <3Com 3c575C Fast Etherlink XL> port 0x3000-0x307f mem
>> > 0x44020000-0x4403ffff,0x44002480-0x440024ff,0x44002400-0x4400247f irq 10
>> > at
>> > device 0.0 on cardbus1
>> > xl0: chip is in D6 power mode -- setting to D0
>> I'm a bit worried about this; "D6" doesn't really exist, so it's possible 
>> that something is going wrong here.
>> Bill; you might have some better  ideas than I do.  Suggestions?
> My suggestion? Chop out the power management stuff in xl_attach()
> and see what happens. The xl driver is using the pci_get_powerstate()
> and pci_set_powerstate() routines right now in order to check for PCI
> NICs that have been forced into the D3 state by Windoze during shutdown.
> However, those functions are internal to the PCI bus code, and I'm not
> sure what will happen when you try to use them with devices that are
> children of a cardbus bus.
> So, edit /sys/pci/if_xl.c, find the xl_attach() function, and comment
> out/#ifdef out/delete the section that checks the power state of the card.
> Like Mike says, the D6 state is bogus.
> Unfortunately, I can't test this myself at the moment since I find myself
> without a laptop. I might be able to coerce^Wconvince John Baldwin to
> let me test this with his though.

You'll have to coerce^Wconvince Mike or Warner to fix cardbus resource
allocation so that cardbus cards don't try to stomp on PCI devices on my
machine and freeze it until I eject the card. :)

> -Bill


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