Title: RE: newcard/cardbus instabilities

>My suggestion? Chop out the power management stuff in xl_attach()
>and see what happens.

Okay, did that. Effect: got rid of the D0/D6 printout, and instead
got the following two once I sent something on the interface:
 cstsevent occures, 0x30000410
 pwrevent occures, 0x30000410

This does not seem to have any adverse effects though.
Perhaps worth mentioning is that I get these even if I just reboot
from fbsd to fbsd, not only when I do windoze->fbsd.

I also removed the "device pccard" config option, and as a result
lost support for the modem card, but in return this fixed the
watchdog timeouts, and the lan card works quite well now.
I guess I'll have to keep a backup kernel with the old pcic compiled
in if I want to use the modem... for now I'm very happy to have a
working lan card!

Thanks a whole lot guys, I really appreciate it!


PS. Sorry if this is still in HTML format, it shouldn't be, but I'm
stuck with outlook and it just doesn't seem to want to take a hint.

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