On Fri, 23 Mar 2001, Greg Rumple wrote:

> I even have a worse problem.  I tried this on my system (a sony vaio
> PCG-XG18) which has a mini-docking station on the back of it (which
> allows you access to a third pcmcia slot, and a whole slew of other
> video goodies/serial ports/etc.).  The problem is if the mini docking
> station isn't there, all the parts/chips/controllers are internal to the
> laptop, so it still sees them.  The cardbus code sees the second
> controller (which drives the third slot) and than gracefully pukes all
> over it's self.  So unless I have the mini docking station plugged in it
> doesn't work.  But if it is, I can use my xircom rbem56g-100 and a
> linksys cardbus card just fine.  I do however lose the ability to use my
> wavelan card and my two other pcmcia cards (non cardbus).  I can't wait
> until all these issues are resolved (I really don't wanna run Linux
> again).
> This is just a FYI.
> Greg

Mind telling me how you got the rbem56g-100 to work?  I haven't had any
luck getting mine to work in a Dell Inspiron 4000.


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