Bruce A. Mah writes:
| 1.  Seems like I needed to ifconfig the interface up before my other 
| commands would take effect.  I don't recall needing to do any such 
| thing with the old driver before I could do ancontrol.  Is this a 
| change in behavior or did I miss something?

I fixed this and Archie put it in -current and after 4.3 goes out he should
MFC it.  In the interim try the patch at:
it has some new features such as enabling promiscuous mode from Allan Saddi!
| WEP Key status:
|         Key 0 is set  40 bits
|         Key 1 is set 128 bits
|         Key 2 is set  40 bits
|         Key 3 is unset
|         The active transmit key is 2
| If I had to guess, I'd say that if there is an array of WEP keys, the 
| programs are starting to read one key too late into the array when they 
| display them.  There also seems to be a little disagreement as to 
| whether keys are numbered starting from 0 or 1.

Well I can't see that since it's not an array and the values come
from iterating through Cisco's API and a direct query for the 
transmit key.  Look at ancontrol for the ugly & secret details!

FYI from my laptop:
  WEP Key status:
        Key 0 is set 128 bits
        Key 1 is set  40 bits
        Key 2 is unset
        Key 3 is unset
        The active transmit key is 0

This corresponds to my Win 98 setting even when I twiddled things around
and add things to verify it.  It was a 1:1 mapping between the configuration 
utility and ancontrol.  I'm also looking at running the Cisco for Linux 
configuration utilities under FreeBSD's Linux emulation.  However,
I can't get them to work under Linux (well I'm Linux challenged ...
where's "make world").  I've heard they have lots of features but 
won't release the source for these utilities :-(  Atleast the driver
source is available so we should be able to emulate the Linux ioctls
that they use :-)

Doug A.

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