If memory serves me right, Doug Ambrisko wrote:
> Bruce A. Mah writes:
> | 1.  Seems like I needed to ifconfig the interface up before my other 
> | commands would take effect.  I don't recall needing to do any such 
> | thing with the old driver before I could do ancontrol.  Is this a 
> | change in behavior or did I miss something?
> I fixed this and Archie put it in -current and after 4.3 goes out he should
> MFC it.  In the interim try the patch at:
>       http://www.ambrisko.com/doug/an.patch
> it has some new features such as enabling promiscuous mode from Allan Saddi!

Yeah, David Wolfskill pointed this out too.  Wonder why I didn't see it
before...maybe something was doing an "ifconfig up" and I just didn't
realize it (pccard_ether maybe?).  Pass me the pointy hat.

> | WEP Key status:
> |         Key 0 is set  40 bits
> |         Key 1 is set 128 bits
> |         Key 2 is set  40 bits
> |         Key 3 is unset
> |         The active transmit key is 2
> | 
> | If I had to guess, I'd say that if there is an array of WEP keys, the 
> | programs are starting to read one key too late into the array when they 
> | display them.  There also seems to be a little disagreement as to 
> | whether keys are numbered starting from 0 or 1.
> Well I can't see that since it's not an array and the values come
> from iterating through Cisco's API and a direct query for the 
> transmit key.  Look at ancontrol for the ugly & secret details!

OK.  I have a question...an_readkeyinfo() seems to use the loop counter
i directly in determining what key number to print out. However, the
an_ltv_wepkey structure has an an_key_index member; I'm wondering if
that's somehow significant, should be used, or whatever.  I was thinking
of having an_readkeyinfo() print this out just for kicks.  No
guarantees, but I'll put it on my TODO list.

Note that an important difference between your laptop configuration and 
mine is that you are using a contiguous range of WEP keys (0 and 1) 
whereas I am not (0 and 2).

FYI:  Here's the info from Cisco's key manglement program under Win2K, 
the same interface as above:

        Current Adapter is 340 Series PCMCIA
        Adapter's Firmware Does Support WEP (Version V3.98)
        Adapter is Associated
        WEP is Enabled
        WEP Key 1 is Set (40 Bits)
        WEP Key 2 is Not Set
        WEP Key 3 is Set (128 Bits)
        WEP Key 4 is Not Set
        WEP Tx Key is Key 3

Doesn't bear much resemblance to what I showed before (the transmit key 
was right, but little else).



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