I'm having strange problems with one of local dial-up providers: without
any visible reasons from time to time I can't establish PPP connection
during 20-30 minutes. Shortly after going into `Network' mode ppp(8)
complains about `Unrecognised CBCP packet' and drops down line.
Restarting ppp/machine/modem etc. doesn't help and provider's technical
people have no idea what could be wrong. Attached please find piece of
log, please let me know if any additional information would be necessary.


Phase: bundle: Authenticate
Phase: deflink: his = PAP, mine = none
Phase: Pap Output: sobomax1 ********
Ppp ON vega> Phase: Pap Input: SUCCESS ()
Phase: deflink: lcp -> open
Phase: bundle: Network
PPp ON vega> Warning: Unrecognised CBCP packet (code 5, length 4)
PPp ON vega> Phase: deflink: open -> lcp
Phase: bundle: Terminate
ppp ON vega> Phase: deflink: Carrier lost
Phase: deflink: Disconnected!
Phase: deflink: lcp -> logout
Phase: deflink: Disconnected!
Phase: deflink: logout -> hangup
Phase: deflink: Connect time: 32 secs: 248 octets in, 235 octets out

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