I've had reports of this in the past.  The other end is sending a 
``code 5'' packet - something that doesn't appear in the spec :(

ppp(8) just ignores these (emitting a warning), they shouldn't be 
causing any problems themselves (even if CBCP is actually being used).

Try enabling IPCP logging.  You may be having a problem at that 
level, or alternatively, perhaps the peer thinks you've already got a 
connection and is (rudely) dropping the connection because of that.

> Hi,
> I'm having strange problems with one of local dial-up providers: without
> any visible reasons from time to time I can't establish PPP connection
> during 20-30 minutes. Shortly after going into `Network' mode ppp(8)
> complains about `Unrecognised CBCP packet' and drops down line.
> Restarting ppp/machine/modem etc. doesn't help and provider's technical
> people have no idea what could be wrong. Attached please find piece of
> log, please let me know if any additional information would be necessary.
> -Maxim
> Phase: bundle: Authenticate
> Phase: deflink: his = PAP, mine = none
> Phase: Pap Output: sobomax1 ********
> Ppp ON vega> Phase: Pap Input: SUCCESS ()
> Phase: deflink: lcp -> open
> Phase: bundle: Network
> PPp ON vega> Warning: Unrecognised CBCP packet (code 5, length 4)
> PPp ON vega> Phase: deflink: open -> lcp
> Phase: bundle: Terminate
> ppp ON vega> Phase: deflink: Carrier lost
> Phase: deflink: Disconnected!
> Phase: deflink: lcp -> logout
> Phase: deflink: Disconnected!
> Phase: deflink: logout -> hangup
> Phase: deflink: Connect time: 32 secs: 248 octets in, 235 octets out

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