On Mon, 28 May 2001, Maxim Sobolev wrote:

:I'm having strange problems with one of local dial-up providers: without
:any visible reasons from time to time I can't establish PPP connection
:during 20-30 minutes. Shortly after going into `Network' mode ppp(8)
:complains about `Unrecognised CBCP packet' and drops down line.
:Restarting ppp/machine/modem etc. doesn't help and provider's technical
:people have no idea what could be wrong. Attached please find piece of
:log, please let me know if any additional information would be necessary.

I've seen this too.  Not very often, not repeatably.  I don't think I ever
had a problem reconnecting, though.  I'm pretty sure I saw this as long ago
as 1999, as well.  I no longer have a dialup, so I'm kind of fuzzy on

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