Those of you who have been following the mailing lists will have
noticed (or participated in) a thread bemoaning the continued lack of
feedback from the core team.  That thread is still very active, but
one suggestion (made by phk) was to send out a message asking for help
getting things done.  It's easy to claim that this would work, but
first we need to know if anybody would be interested.  Here's phk's

  The FreeBSD core team is looking for an assistant to help with
  tracking and recording the issues being worked by core.
  When a request or question is sent to core@ you reply with an
  acknowledgement that it has been received, and nag the core team
  until it has been decided on and replied to.
  It is also your responsibility to prepare a summary of core@'s
  businnes once per month and after cores approval of the text, to
  send this to developers@.  This summary should be detailed enough to
  show the committers which core members participate in the core
  business and which don't.
  You will obviously gain insight into the work of and communications
  of the core team, but apart from the above mentioned summary, this
  information is of course strictly confidential.
  Working hours:
  The FreeBSD project has a comprehensive benefits plan which you will
  take full advantage off.  The benefits include: Lots and lots of
  email. birth control (you wont have time to spend with your SO),
  sunburn protection (you wont have time to spend away from the

Despite the appearances, this is not an official request for
applicants.  We just want to know who would be interested in doing
such a thankless task, and whether it's worth core's time to discuss
the exact terms of reference (does the person get elected, for
example, or appointed?).  If you're interested, it's your choice
whether you copy -developers, though personally I'd prefer if you just
replied to core@.

See complete headers for address and phone numbers

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