On Fri, 1 Jun 2001 13:41:57 +0930
Greg Lehey <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

GL>   When a request or question is sent to core@ you reply with an

        Could you stick some numbers in here please. How much email does
core@ get ? What percentage of it (roughly) is handled immediately ?
Order of magnitude thumb in the air numbers will do, just indicate the
confidence level.

GL>   It is also your responsibility to prepare a summary of core@'s
GL>   businnes once per month and after cores approval of the text, to

        Based on the aforementioned email or is there more 'input' ? If
so roughly how much ?

GL>   take full advantage off.  The benefits include: Lots and lots of
GL>   email. birth control (you wont have time to spend with your SO),
GL>   sunburn protection (you wont have time to spend away from the
GL>   computer).

        <grin> I already have most of these benefits, a little more is
probably OK.

GL> example, or appointed?).  If you're interested, it's your choice
GL> whether you copy -developers, though personally I'd prefer if you just
GL> replied to core@.

        I think others may be interested in the answers to these questions
hence the crosspost, my apologies to any it annoys.

    Many have tried to formulate rules for software development, we
are guided by the ways in which they fail to work.

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