In message <50104.991592939@critter> Poul-Henning Kamp writes:
: I think you guys should write a short-and-to-the-point application
: and send it to the core team.

Core has had many applications.  Sending them to addresses other than
core@ makes it impossible for us to consider the person (unless, of
course, they send it to core@ also).

In addition, a simple message along the lines of "I'd like to help"
would likely put the application in the reject box.  Why would you
like to help?  How can you help?  What qualifications do you bring to
the table?  Do you have the time to commit to something like this?  Is
this commitment long term?  Can you commit to 10 hours every month for
this task?  Can you commit to having the summary for the previous
month done by the 5th of the following month?  If not, what can you
commit to every month?  Those are the questions that members of core
likely will have in their minds when they deside who, if anybody,
should be the core-team scribe.

These are my views alone, and don't necessarily represent those of


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