>>>>> "Warner" == Warner Losh <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

Warner> You shouldn't have had to do that.  which ones were they, and
Warner> are you still running pccard (classic) aka OLDCARD?


I think that a short HOWTO-UPGRADE would benefit to everyone. For
example, should I:

  - keep my old kernel settings (using the glue compatibility layer)
    or use the new one? (copied from NEWCARD)

  - make sure that my hints file matches the interrupt of my pcic
    device? (9 in my case, shared with all the other PCI stuff)

  - should I still be running pccardd if I choose the new settings?
    (pccardd reports that no PCCARD can be found in my case)

  - should I force the IRQ? (if I do that, while keeping the old
    settings (as pccardd won't start with the new ones albeit it's a
    new pccardd), then I get a panic using "-I -i 9")


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