In message <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> Samuel Tardieu writes:
: I think that a short HOWTO-UPGRADE would benefit to everyone. For

The entry in UPDATING should do that.  If it is unclear, let me know
and I'll update it.

: example, should I:
:   - keep my old kernel settings (using the glue compatibility layer)
:     or use the new one? (copied from NEWCARD)

Keep old kernel settings, do not use new ones.

:   - make sure that my hints file matches the interrupt of my pcic
:     device? (9 in my case, shared with all the other PCI stuff)

Hints adjustment is not necessary.  Hints are only used for ISA

:   - should I still be running pccardd if I choose the new settings?
:     (pccardd reports that no PCCARD can be found in my case)

Use pccardd.  If it is reporting no pccard slots found, then either
your cardbus bridge isn't being recognized or you are running

:   - should I force the IRQ? (if I do that, while keeping the old
:     settings (as pccardd won't start with the new ones albeit it's a
:     new pccardd), then I get a panic using "-I -i 9")

You shouldn't be getting a panic.  If you are seeing a panic, make
sure that you have a new pccardd and have rebuilt the kernel.  If you
get a panic, please report a traceback.

In summary:
        o Use the same config file you used before.
        o Update pccardd
        o Add "-I -i 9" to pccardd_flags (if your pcic's irq is 9).
        o rebuild and reinstall the kernel.
        o reboot.  Send your panics to me. :-)


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