> I've been waiting for a FORTH-geek to pop his head up; I
> have most of "nextboot" reimplemented... I've added "fwrite"
> and "flseek" verbs.  I've thought about kidnapping an
> astronomer.  8-).
> The current problem is that the biosdisk.c doesn't contain
> "write" code, and that the libstand code wouldn't call it
> if it did.
> I'm not really interested in creating or extending files,
> and with those restrictions, it seems possible to do the
> job.
> Is anyone interested in helping out with the code?

I've wanted someone to fix the libstand filesystems to support overwrite 
for some time, so yes, I'd be happy to help here.

> The basic plan is to take a file that has:
>       "A A A B B B\n"
> and rewrite it as:
>       "A A B B B A\n"
> (a rotor; slightly different than the original nextboot,
>  but acceptable, given the constraint of keeping the file
>  exactly the same length), and then use the first string
> "A" (might be "disk1s1a:/kernel") to set curr_dev to the
> "disk1s1a:" part, and then try to boot the "/kernel" part.

I actually had a fairly different and more generic idea in mind; an 8k 
"boot.variables" file in /boot, which holds variables marked with 'save 
<variable>'.  So you would do something like:

set kernel_list="kernel.new,kernel.default,kernel.emergency"
set kernel_index=0
save kernel_list
save kernel_index

to set things up.  If the format of the file was sensible, manipulating 
it from userspace would be trivial as well.

> I'll write the user space utility, and I'm willing to do
> the UFS code as well, but it's been 15 years since I've
> done FORTH, and I'm not too confident of the VM86 calls
> in biosboot.c for writing, either.

I can't help with the FORTH, but I certainly know what needs to be done 
in biosdisk.c.  Note that the SRM equivalent can't write to the disk, so 
this *won't* work for the Alpha. 8(


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