I'm running -current whose source tree was checked out as
    TZ=UTC cvs co -D'2001-07-12' src
on VAIO PCG-C1XE(PentiumII with 64Mbytes of RAM)
and have some problems:

1. Acpica modules hangs in
    AcpiRsCalculateByteStreamLength() called from
    AcpiRsCreateByteStream() called from
    AcpiRsSetSrsMethodData() called from
    AcpiSetCurrentResources() from somewhere in acpi_pcib.c .

    The hang itself occurs at LinkedList->Id == 9 and LinkedList->Length == 0.

2. 'sysctl hw.acpi.acline' is always zero. And a message in bold face

    acpi_acad0: Off Line

is printed *twice* when I run the command.

3. When I plug in the AC line connector, a message is printed in bold face:

    acpi_acad0: Off Line

just like when I unplugged it. Same thing happens with kernel checked out as
-D'2001-07-12', -D'2001-06-27', -D'2001-06-01 10:00:00', but not with
-D'2001-04-26' .

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