I need to know, if OpenSSH is ever going to get MFC'ed, are there any people 
currently running OpenSSH 2.9 from -CURRENT's base and getting major 
problems with it?  Or even minor ones that actually make things more 
difficult?  I want to have no real outstanding issues, except simple ones 
like Protocol being set to 2,1 by default (which is a reasonable default 
nowadays), before I MFC OpenSSH, because I really don't want to leave anyone 
screwed over in the process.

So let me know, ASAP, what problems you all are having with OpenSSH in 
-CURRENT, specifically in the FreeBSD-specific parts.  I'm also not certain 
of KRB4 and KRB5 auth still both work properly, and need that verified.
Thanks, everybody.

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