As a preface to this whole thing, I find it higly amusing that you are
sending this mail from a Linux box. Of course, for that matter, so am I.
(I'm planning on changing that soon.)

On Sun, 12 Aug 2001, Jim Bryant wrote:

> I said I'd drop it, but apparently there are people that don't
> understand the dinosaur mentality of certain organizations such as
> If it's not in the base setup, on a production box, you can't use it.
> Everything must be kept in it's ORIGINAL install location, otherwise
> you MUST justify it and ask DISA/DECC for a waiver, which in itself,
> is a pain in the ass, and in many cases, not likely to happen due to
> dinosaur mentality.

You said it yourself. They are a dinosaur. Why should be drag ourselves
back to the paleolithic and cater to a very specific problem in our base
tree? bash is a nice shell. I use it as my normal shell, but when I drop
to single user mode, I *always* end up using /bin/sh. I'm not a fan of csh
(tcsh isn't bad though) and I only write shell scripts in /bin/sh.
Besides, how often do you need to drop to single user mode and *really*
need bash?

> I now refer you to the recent news concerning the TrustedBSD project.
> FreeBSD is getting military contracts now.  We need to think ahead to
> the needs of a whole new class of admin and user, and they are in
> highly restrictive environments that preclude `mv /usr/local/bin/*sh
> /bin`.

And those people that are working there are probably programming in COBOL
and Fortran.

> I'm sure there are equally restrictive environments for computers and
> operating systems in *EVERY* country, but I speak from my personal
> experience with the dinosaurs at DOD.  At DOD, *EVERY* copy of FreeBSD
> will be subject to what I am saying.  In the Sun environment in which
> I did my last DOD contract at, if tcsh wasn't in /bin, I wouldn't have
> been able to use it.  That's how backwards they are.
> In answer to your statement, some admins can be fired, even arrested
> and brought up on charges for doing what you suggest.  I'm certain
> that this happens in countries other than America as well.

Again, this is a problem for you and the DOD to sort out. It should be of
no concern to the project.


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