Nate Williams wrote:
> Umm, Terry.  There was no 'free' tar.  Back in the 386BSD days, when we
> were looking for a free tar, I contacted Andy Tanenbaum (of Minix) and
> got permission to use it, since we didn't have one.  However, it was
> voted down as being 'too simple', so we opted for the GNU one.
> There isn't a BSD or public domain version of tar anywhere to be found,
> unless you consider 'pax' running in tar emulation mode acceptable.  (I
> certainly don't.)

I was just going to say "pax"...

The "tar" program is really trivial to write: it's user space
code, and you can run all sorts of fancy debug tools on it,
and get a nice core dump to post mortem when it falls over, if
you don't want to run it in a source level debugger, which will
tell you the precise line of code the failure occurred on.  In
general, user space code is at least an order of magnitude
easier to write.  8-).

In any case, what don't you like about pax, other than "it's
not GNU tar"?

> The same story exists with grep.

That's actually not true; there are three different
implemetnations of the Boyer-Moore algorithm based "grep" tools
in the comp.unix.sources archives.

-- Terry

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