On Sun, Aug 12, 2001 at 08:15:15PM -0500, Jim Bryant wrote:
> Actually, it is up to us to resolve this.  I don't think you understand
> how DOD operates.  The vendor makes the changes, not DOD.  Not the
> admin.

Sigh.  If an admin cannot handle /bin/sh long enough to get /usr mounted,
they have no business being an admin.  And Yes, I am a 100% bash user
(I'm also the guy that brought you tcsh in the base system)

Bash is my shell, and toor's shell.  When I want bash single user, I
answer the question of which shell with "/usr/local/bin/bash" as my / and
/usr are the same (there! problem solved for the guy that started this
thread).  On machines I deal with that have seperate / and /usr, I take
the default of /bin/sh and then do the:

    mount /usr

dance.  Now that isn't such a hard dance now is it?  I live it, it can be


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