In message <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> Terry Lambert writes:
: Warner Losh wrote:
: > Since that's not how it works, the solution is a non-starter.
: > 
: > We just need to carefully order the ISA code probing sections to get
: > the desired effects.  We haven't done that yet.  All PnP devices are
: > probed together at the end, which isn't quite right.
: The problem was presented as "we are getting two entries for
: the devices: one for the PnP BIOS, one for the device.hints".

That's a useful high level abstraction of what's happening.  However,
it isn't completely accurate either.

: Whether it's perfect or not, making the device.hints "go away"
: in the presents of PnP BIOS on the machine would seem to be
: able to address the issue of doubled entries... right?

Not entirely.  There are ISA devices in devices.hints that aren't plug
and play and aren't in the PnP BIOS list.  That's a worse problem than
the minor printf :-).

: Is there something I'm not seeing here from Kazutaka's posting,
: or am I being misled?

Yes.  Yes. :-)

What we'd like to happen:

        PnP BIOS devices
        PnP ISA devices

What we do now

        PnP BIOS devices
        PnP ISA devices

Note, I tried making the simple changes to make this work, but it
failed in subtle ways that I didn't have time to trackdown...


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