> I once wrote the following patch to deal with this problem by
> probing ISA devices in the following order.
> 1. sensitive ISA devices described in device.hints
> 2. PnP BIOS ISA devices
> 3. other ISA devices described in device.hints
> 4. PnP ISA devices

This order is still slightly wrong.  You need to do:

 0. Disable ALL PnP devices which can be disabled.
 1. PnP devices (of any kind) which cannot be disabled, or which only
    have a single configuration.  These devices which cannot be disabled
    need a placeholder attached to them if a driver doesn't claim them,
    or some other mechanism so that their resources are never used.
 2. Sensitive hinted ISA devices.
 3. Other ISA devices.
 4. Other PnP devices.

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