Warner Losh wrote:
> : Whether it's perfect or not, making the device.hints "go away"
> : in the presents of PnP BIOS on the machine would seem to be
> : able to address the issue of doubled entries... right?
> Not entirely.  There are ISA devices in devices.hints that aren't plug
> and play and aren't in the PnP BIOS list.  That's a worse problem than
> the minor printf :-).


[ ... ]

> What we'd like to happen:
>         PnP BIOS devices
>         device.hints
>         PnP ISA devices
> What we do now
>         device.hints
>         PnP BIOS devices
>         PnP ISA devices

Let me ask one more question... you want this reordering to
ensure that you can handle the PnP BIOS cases where some
legacy device *is* known to the PnP BIOS, vs. where the
legacy device is _NOT_ known to the PnP BIOS, so that the
device.hints can find it if it's there, before we fall into
the PnP ISA ["Plug-N-Play OS"] game, right?

I remember an ACER system with a bus mouse on the motherboard
which was unknown to the PnP BIOS, and Windows 95 trying to
be a "PnP OS" used to always do what above looks to be the
"PnP ISA devices" phase of things, and gave IRQ 12 to the
second IDE disk interface, instead of the on-board mouse...
which would exactly fit this bill.

-- Terry

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