On  5/09, David O'Brien wrote:
| On Tue, Sep 04, 2001 at 09:48:24AM -0300, Daniel Capo Sobral wrote:
| > When I first wrote the loader.conf thingy, I couldn't get the value
| > of environment variables from the FICL environment.
| ...
| > Anyway, I have been too busy lately to do anything with FreeBSD that
| > is not directly related to things I have to do at work, and it doesn't
| > look like slacking up so soon. So, unfortunately, I don't have time to
| > do any of the little things that have been cropping up with loader.
| A very good reason the loader should have used something other then a
| language only 1% of the FreeBSD committers (and entire community) has
| knowledge of.

This is why major companies use Windows instead of FreeBSD. FreeBSD
is only known by less than 1% of the CS community, let alone the entire
workers population.

Or why is BSD make used when the vast majority of Free Software developpers
use GNU make?

Yes, this is a troll. No, it doesn't need a followup. I just don't buy
the 1% argument, it reminds me too much of what people say about the systems
I use.

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